Blue Flower

Senior Saints Class
Our Senior Saints class is led by Larry Sowers.  The group is made up of primarily of our seniors.  The class uses the Standard Lesson Commentary as their study material.

First Response
Randy Spray leads the First Response class.  This class is made up of a mixed aged group of adults.  The class studies a variety of topics. 

Justin’s Class
Justin Roley leads a class that is looks at various topics each week.  The class is designed that you can jump in at any time. 

High School/College age
Our high school/College age class is led by Greg Boldt.  This class is geared to teens and young adults.  The class studies a variety of topics.

Junior High
Our junior high class is taught by Gary Sowers.  This class is geared for students in 5th-8th grade.  The class studies a variety of topics in a manner that is relevant to junior high students.